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Open-source playbook empowering community builders and curated data for the thriving Tech Startup ecosystem in Southeast Asia.


Explore curated data on funded startups and discover active venture capitalists. Empower your startup journey with financial insights and opportunities.


Founders, access essential resources for scaling. Connect with mentors, partners, and tap into a network crucial for your startup’s success.


Navigate the talent landscape effortlessly with NFT City. Streamline hiring, contracts, and gigs to elevate your team and empower your business with skilled professionals.

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Navigating the Future of Tech Ecosystems.

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Curated Insights

Meticulously curated data, offering unparalleled insights into the dynamic Tech ecosystem.

Streamlined Navigation

Seamlessly navigate through categorized data, easily exploring startups, organisations, events, industry players, and more.

Connected Data Points

Discover the interconnectedness of the tech landscape. Each entity is richly detailed, including team members and related market news, providing a holistic view of the tech ecosystem.

Empower Your Vision with Data

Unlock the potential of data-driven decisions. NFT City is dedicated to fueling businesses with actionable insights, ensuring strategic clarity in every step.

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